Top 8 Females in Urban Music Today

I'm back again this time switching it up a little and touching on a topic that is heavily debated all over the net ... Who is the top female in the game today. I have complied a list of 8 females a list based on sales, image, talent, likability, charisma and everything else i look for in a female artist Leh Go

1. Beyonce
The reigning queen who else did you expect to take the number one spot. It would take me a a week to sit here and type all of Beyonce accomplishments and accolades from Grammy's to number one movies Beyonce is a force that wont be stopped. Channeled by such artist as Jennifer Lopez Beyonce has had every female in the game for the past decade switching the color of there weave and wanting to shake there ass like they were in a Waka Flocka video but none has done it like Ms. Carter. Hate her or love her there is not denying this girls too good to be true talent. I have often questioned is she is a robot due to this women having no flaws! Just earlier this month she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl Blue Ivy Carter who as already made history on the Billboard Charts at just 48 hours old she is featured on her father Jay Z new single Glory making her the youngest artist ever to chart. Beyonce just cant lose.

2. Rihanna
Devil worshiping goat owner and popcorn music making artist Rihanna comes in at number two simply based on the fact that she sells records and singles. Despite lack of talent Rihanna success comes from a deal she signed with the devil and it was signed in her own blood. After making the deal the devil tool over Chris Brown and forced him to beat her to a bloody pulp! When it was over the devil collected his contract covered in her blood while a confused and scared Chris unaware of what had just taken place ran. With the devil being minister of music in heaven once upon a time he works through Ester Dean and Stargate to aid his half Jekyll  half human queen in poisoning the youth of today with pop music with subliminal messages.

3. Nicki Minaj
All Hail Queen Nicki. Nicki has had quite a year, platinum record, grammy nominations, number one singles, movie roles, endorsements Nicki has taken over the rap game. Like Missy and Eve before her Nicki got to where she is by being herself. Not selling sex, Nicki in so many ways is the hip hop Katy Perry or Cyndi Lauper some may even say Lady Gaga. This girl just has it all! The most talked about MC in the game male or female Nicki has saved female rap and changed the game forever. Nicki has spent the last two years beating off rap troll Lil Kim who hails under a bridge in Brooklyn. Despite attacks from a older female who looks like Rumpelstiltskin Nicki has came out unmarked and continues to look pretty on her throne. A Grammy performance on the horizon also one at the Super Bowl weeks before her sophomore album Roman Reloaded hits stores... Nicki reign just wont let up. She is Gods Favorite

4. Keri Hilson
Once upon a time people though Keri would dethrone Rihanna as the princess of the game, and she was right on her way til she turned away from the devil. Keri has the talent the look and every quality it takes to become a major star. In 07 everyone and there mother wanted a Keri Hilson album after she stole the show on not only Llyod Banks album but Diddy and Timbalands is where the problem came. Signing to Polow Zone 4 and Timbs Mosley Music Keri is property of two egotistical producers with two different visions. Polow wants Keri to take over the lane Aaliyah made famous and Ciara kept alive uraban chick with pop crossover appeal while Timb wanted to mash Rihanna and Beyonce together and create this international pop star. Explaining why Keri one minute releases pop records like Energy and Return the Favor then the next Turning me on and Slow Dance. Giving credit where credit is Timbs first to attempts failed as Energy and RTF both failed to make moves Polow stepped in with Turning me on which saved the day followed by Knock You Down leading Keri to two #1s several award wins, nominations and a gold record. Once again Keri finds herself being pulled by two producers who has both fallen off hopefully Keri takes control of her own destiny drops the both of them and gets with a new team Stargate, Dr Luke, The Dream how about the man who has given her her biggest hit Danja.

5. Jessie J
The industry has not seen or heard a talent like this in forever. If you was to take Katy Perry and blend her with Whitney Houston you would have Jessie J. Gutsy, risque, unique, odd, talented this girl is a beast. Written hits for Miley Cirus and Chris Brown, Jessie has stepped out and  has taken the world by storm. I have not been this intrigued with a white female artist since the debut of JoJo and Pink. There is something about her that gives me Pink R&B flashbacks, and that is not a bad thing. In 2012 i hope this girl takes over the US Charts like she has in the UK there is no reason for this girl to not be pulling Adele numbers cause to be honest if the two were on stage together Adele would have a stroke trying to keep up  ....this girl voice is a killer.

6. Kelly Rowland
What a year Kelly had in 2011. Host on hit tv show X Factor the UK version and a summer anthem Kelly biggest record to date Motivation. Kelly has def came into her own and its about time.

7. Ciara
Aaliyah and Janet mimicker Ciara has hit rock bottom. One time hit maker and princess of crunk and b Ciara had a rookie year that most female performers ( Olivia, Teairra Mari) can only pray for. There was no one who did not like Ciara and by the time her second album came along things started to change. After being left by Bow Wow for Omarion, leaving Jazze Phae and ending her lesbian love affair with Missy Ciara hit rock bottom. After a year of following Kim Kardashain around LA Ciara went into the studi and came out with a new album which tanked . Shortly after she came back again and the results were even worse. Known for swagger jacking, having a bad attitude and repeating dance moves over and over  i guess the saying Karma is a bitch is true. It is said that Ciara has applied to join the Illuminati but her application was denied...

8. Miguel
Miguel may have been snubbed at this year when it comes to the 2012 Grammy's but her success can not be denied. Ofter compared to Prince Miguel just oozes sex appeal and has brought sexy back when every other r&b act was busy putting out pop and dance music. Miguel is truly the Grace Jones of are era


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